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Bold, fearless, colourful creations
Nature- inspired, eco- conscious yoga gear. Designed to express who you truly are.


About YogaArt Sessions

Fuelled by a passion for this beautiful world, all yogis need an outlet for their creativity.


YogaArt Sessions yoga clothing and products offers the eco-conscious yogi an outlet for fearlessly expressing ones true colours.

Be bold


Shine bright

Based in Cornwall, founder Abi Wood creates each hand-painted design by her inspiration from natures wonders and offerings. With the ethos that even the smallest of flowers, hidden away in the depths of the hedge rows is something to be celebrated. 

Abi uses the act of painting and creating as a deep and meaningful meditative practice to recognise the beauty of life as she goes about her day to day. 


Her intention being:

To make each moment meaningful-

For things only mean something when you take notice of them.

Made to order using recycled and organic fabrics whenever possible. This is an eco-conscious brand that stands out from the crowd.

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