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What are YogaArt Sessions?

YogaArt Sessions are an ethos, a way of life that combine the teachings of yoga with the innate desire within us all to create what feels right.


The more aligned you become, the more attuned you are to your desires... your truth... what makes you who you are, and how you fit on this beautiful planet.

What makes you feel good?


What are your true desires? 

YogaArt Sessions explores the desire to create and have a positive impact on the world through various mediums and art practices, events, blogs, workshops and products.

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YogaArt Events and Surfers Against Sewage Beach Cleans

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YogaArt Sessions

Learn how to make your own bolster cushion or make a block print fabric, take a mindful walk or receive reviews on the best plastic-free toothpaste.


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YogaArt Sessions for Children

Focus Inward
Get creative
Focus your mind
Get confident
Strength and balance
Find your zone

Book a one off themed mindfulness, yoga and art session for a special event, or book a set of sessions or one off topic themed workshop for your school, after-school club or organisation. 

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Private Group Sessions

Private Family Sessions


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